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Bonded Van Windows Fitting Guide

Cheshire Vehicle Windows – Window Fitting Guide

Ready to fit your own van windows but don’t know where to start? *

Look at our guide below to give you some more information.

If you don’t feel confident to fit your own windows, we would highly recommend a professional to fit it for you. Did you know that we can also fit your windows in Winsford, Cheshire?

If it is your first time fitting a van window expect it to take around 3 hours to ensure you do the best job. You want this window fit to be right so don’t feel rushed whilst you are doing it.

Also please ensure that if you are fitting your own van windows that you consider all health and safety measures. For instance, you probably need eyewear, gloves, and ear protection.



Items you require to fit a window

·         A Cheshire Vehicle Windows Window

·         A Cheshire Vehicle Windows bonding kit (primer, adhesive & knock-on trim) **

·         Strong tape

·         A window sucker/suction pad

·         Good quality tools – jigsaw and a metal drill

·         A rubber mallet

·         Polythene paper/masking tape



Step by Step guide


1.       Before you start ensuring that the window you have fits your vehicle. Hold up your glass to your van to ensure that it matches to the panel.


2.       Prepare your window, van, and workspace. Get all your tools and materials organized nearby ready for you to start. If you are worried about damaging your paintwork, use some thick plastic below the window to protect it.


3.       Drill guidelines. On the inside of the van, you will be able to see the cut line. Just ensure that you are working in a well-lit area so that your visibility is good. On the inside of the van, you will see the inner cutting line and drill 3 holes into each corner that will be big enough for you to fit your cutter through.


4.       Mark Cutting lines. On the outside vehicle join the corner holes with a straight edge, this is your cut line.


5.       Cut The Panel. Before you start cutting the panel place a suction pad on the panel being removed. The pad is positioned here to ensure that when the panel to ensure that the panel doesn’t fall and damage your van. Using your jigsaw follow your cutting lines to remove the panel from the van.


6.       Smooth the edges. Following the line of the internal skin use a jigsaw you can remove any excess metal and ensure each side is straight.  Then smooth the edges with something like a scotch brite pad. This will ensure that your edge trim sits level.


7.       Final preparations of the edge. There are some additional things you can do when preparing the edges include: rust proofing the cut edge with a suitable rust inhibitor, re-bond the metal skins closer together & reduce the gap between the two metal skins.


8.       Knock-on Trim. Once the edge is smooth and prepared get your edge trim and slightly open one end to get it over the panel. Start putting on the edge trim in the middle of the bottom edge of the panel. When putting the edge trim on gently use a mallet to ensure it is securely into place. When the trim is around the panel cut off any excess edge trim.


9.       Clean the paintwork. Using the winbond wipe tissue pack wipe around the paintwork (this is a degreaser) it is important to remove any dirt, polish, or impurities so you get a good bond.


10.   Prime the Metal. After cleaning the paintwork, you are ready to prime the side of your vehicle. Before opening your primer give it a good shake. Apply using the supplied applicator around the opening. It is preferable to do this is one continuous motion. Allow the primer to flash off before proceeding.


11.   Prepare the window. Clean the black ceramic band on the inside of the window using the glass activator tissue.


12.   Apply the adhesive to the vehicle. To make it easier try to ensure that the adhesive is at room temperature to make it easier to pump. Using the supplied nozzle apply the adhesive around the window opening next to the edge trim. To ensure a water tight seal ensure that the adhesive is applied continuously to prevent leaks.


13.   Bond window to van. Immediately after applying the adhesive install the glass and ensure that it is located and seated correctly. Then press evenly around the window to ensure all edges are bonded on. Secure the glass with a non-stretch tape to avoid slippage. Do not drive the vehicle whilst the adhesive is curing. We always prefer to leave the van overnight to ensure your widow is fully bonded.


We hope that this guide helps you fit your windows. But if you do feel you need some more help, please just let us know.


*We do still advise that you always seek professional assistance when you are fitting your van windows. We do not accept any responsibility for damage caused following the tips or guidance in this post.


**If we have provided the Winbond bonding kit for your application please read through the bonding process provided before starting your window fit.

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