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Maxxair SkyMaxx Roof Light

400 x 400 Rooflight with built in blind and fly screen

Maxxair have all installations in mind, with the SkyMaxx, this 400 x 400 can be used as a replacement for another model or as a new installation on a brand new vehicle. Easily adjust the blind and flyscreen to shade your living space and to keep insects out.

Innovative Design

The Maxxair Skymaxx is supplied as standard with user interchangeable panels allowing you to switch between “vented”and “non-vented”.


Allows the air to flow into the van at all times even when the dome is closed.


When the roof light dome is closed the complete rooflight is sealed meaning that no air can get in, this is recommended as having air flow in a campervan or motorhome can lead to a whistling sound while driving.


  • Manual opening with 3 different positions
  • Built in pleated blind with flyscreen
  • Fits all 400 x 400 roof openings
  • Forced and Non-Forced ventilation
  • Installs in 23-60mm roof thickness’ (No Cutting or Adapters Required)

Fitting charge

This includes the cutting out of the panel & installation of the roof light.

Please be aware that we only fit rooflights in our factory in Winsford & we require the van to be brought in by 8am on the day of fitting.

The van would be required to stay with us overnight so we can water test the roof light. We would lock your van inside our factory overnight for security.

Please note that we only fit these roof lights Monday-Wednesday. Usual waiting time for a slot is 1-2 weeks.

If you would like to book in for fitting please let us know.

Additional information

Fitting or delivery

Delivery, Fitting


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